Main utility of Plant Genome Duplication Database (PGDD) is studying homologous genes (that have maintained relative chromosomal positions) in sequenced genomes. We hereby provide links to a few functional studies that have used PGDD as part of their research. Based on Google analytics, this site attracts ~600 unique visits per month, and is in steady growth.

PGDD is funded by National Science Foundation (DBI-0849896).

Developer's Notes

PGDD runs on ubuntu server hosted in Plant Genome Mapping Lab, University of Georgia. Datasets are stored in a relational database powered by MySQL. The web interface is written in Python, and is served by the Apache httpd server through mod_python. The server-side scripts (for graphics and queries) are then called by javascript.

Python modules

Javascript modules

The server support, administrations and module installations are made possible by Barry Marler.

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